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Gloom / May 11, 2012
We'll be hosting a Diablo 3 party which starts at 3:00AM EST Tuesday, May 15th. Anyone playing Diablo 3 can join us in mumble, although the parties will likely have to be split since we will have too many people playing. I'll be running 3:00AM-9:00AM EST, and then I have to work until 2:00PM EST and then I will be on until I pass out that night. Come join me and the others while we beat normal difficulty on the first day!
Gloom / Apr 23, 2012
Hooray, it's finally here for us plebeians who weren't allowed in the beta earlier!

Our first taste of Guild Wars 2 is upon us!

Unfortunately I'll be out of town this weekend but Minorou has stepped up to take charge for the better part of this weekend. I'll be back Sunday evening to play for 6-8 hours before the servers go down.

Hope everyone enjoys the event! At least try to log on for a few hours to test out some GW2!